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Family Safety
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While working with Microsoft, I've experienced so much growth as a designer. I've had the opportunity to work on multiple facets of the design process in both horizontal and vertical workstreams. Throughout my time there, I've discovered that I especially enjoy organizing context for my design decisions, prototyping, and participating in research.

As there are projects still set to be released, I will not be able to showcase specific designs on my portfolio at this time, but I would love to discuss my work over a coffee chat!


Family Safety

Working on design systems and mobile experiences


While on the Modern Life Experiences team, I worked on the Family Safety product where I further developed its design system and worked on projects for the Physical and Digital Safety collectives.

Highlights of my work include:

  • Reformatted component libraries for Android and IOS
  • Contributed to documentation of common UX patterns
  • Completed visioning work for future brand expression
  • Created user flows of various web and mobile app experiences
  • Designed low to high-fidelity wireframes
  • Created prototype to test design concepts with users
  • Participated in weekly critique sessions
  • Collaborated with PMs, Engineers, and UX Researchers


Working on web experiences at Accounts.Microsoft.com


Within the Windows organization, I've worked on Microsoft's account management website to ensure the protection of privacy for people and organizations.

Highlights of my work include:


Some of the impacts I've delivered while at Microsoft included improving the efficiency of team processes, building upon the work of others, and inspiring overall trust and delight to our users.

I've also contributed to diversity and inclusion initiatives by participating in employee resource groups and helping to nurture incoming candidates for the LEAP apprenticeship program that I previously engaged in.